Seoul museum of art installation shot

Seoul museum of art, international media art biennial. Installation shot, The end of the virtual world. – Robert Overweg

I was invited to exhibit at the Seoul museum of art at the international media art biennial. 6 pieces from the series The end of the virtual world were flown in from the Netherlands. Size 144 cm by 82 cm. These photographs are taken in 4 different computer games all part of our popular culture.

During my stay in Seoul, I got to mingle with the locals, meet new inspiring artists, and curators from all over the world. I gave three lectures, on one art academy and two universities. I was honored to speak at one of the most prestigious universities of the city: Yonsei University. A campus as large as a little village in the Netherlands.

My work got picked up by the Korean Broadcasting Station for whom I did an interview about my work. A station one can compare to the British BBC. Where I once did a radio interview for. Leaving Seoul with lots of good memories and a little bit of a headache from all of the parties. When I got home to Amsterdam I received a e-mail from a gallery asking to represent me in Seoul. More info on that soon.

Thanks for having me Seoul, I had a wonderful time. What a diverse, vibrant city and kind people.