Exhibitions and Lectures


Brandts, Photo biennial, Photography to end all photography, Odense
Altonale,  Simulacrum – Hamburg
Noorderlicht, Simulacrum – Groningen
Cityscapes, Newscapes – Amsterdam
Centre Pompidou, Un Nouveau Festival – Paris
Galerie Riviere / Faiveley, Paris, France
Anomaly, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gallery Locomoco, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Game Reflexions, Cergy, France
Photography from the virtual world, Shot by Robert, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Down the Rabbit Hole, Seoul, South Korea.
Game-city an artistic game experience, Enschede, The Netherlands
7th Seoul international media art biennale, Spell on you, Seoul, Korea
The Prologue NIMK Dutch institute for media art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Platform 2, NIMK (Dutch institute for media art), Amsterdam The Netherlands
Game-city, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Despina, INSULEXCO, Berlin
Virtual Rebellion, Kop, Breda
Freemote, Utrechts stadsarchief by Born Digital, Utrecht
Breda Photo, International photo festival, Breda
Digital art L.A. / International Juried Exhibition, L.A.
Art Festival PLATINE, Cologne
Robert Overweg: photographer in the virtual world | Concrete image gallery, Amsterdam
Straatfotograaf in een virtuele wereld | TAG @ Todaysart, The Hague
Texture maps | Nest, The Hague
SHOT | Luxor filmtheater Zutphen
City Limits | galerie48, Breda

Lectures and debates:

Debate: questioning the endless possibilities of the virtual world, Zutphen
Lecture: Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam
Pecha Kucha presentation The Hague
Interview with BBC radio
Lecture at stichting KOP, Breda
Debate: Battle of the images, The Hague
Lecture: Photographer in the virtual world, Yonsei University, Seoul
Lecture: Photographer in the virtual world, Kaywon, Seoul
Lecture: Photographer in the virtual world, KAIST, Seoul
Interview with KBS, Korean Broadcasting Station
Lecture: Trending topics, SETUP Utrecht
Lecture: Saying stuff about Super-Hybridity, Gallery West, The Hague
Lecture: Photographer in the virtual world, Breda, St. Joost