the end of the virtual world








The end of the virtual world 2010, Robert Overweg, Left 4 dead 2, Half life 2, counter-strike source, Modern warfare 2

All images courtesy TAG, The Hague. Photographs presented in 144 x 81 cm satin print on aluminum, edition of 5 or 39,5 x 22,2 cm satin print on aluminum, edition of 5

Artist statement, The end of the virtual world:

This series of photographs originates from four popular first person shooter games (Left 4 dead 2, Half-life 2, counter-strike and modern warfare 2) Unlike you might think the virtual world is not round like the physical world but flat with hard-cut edges. These photographs show us how the virtual world ends. What I find interesting about these photographs is that they behold a certain dramatic almost classical feel to them playing with our real life experiences but cut off.

Taking a closer look at: The end of the virtual world 1

By taking the photographs out of their context of the virtual world and blowing them up in a size of 144cm by 81cm (or larger) the typical aesthetics of games are laid bare. At first glance the photograph seems to represent the physical world really well. After further inspection you might see the identical air conditioners on the roof both have the exact same rust and scratch marks, the brick pattern on the wall on the right has non fitting patterns. The most obvious example is the two colliding roads whom are pasted together.

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