new perspectives

Up in the water 2010, Robert Overweg, Left 4 dead 2

New_perspectives_2Floating tire and the flying can 2010, Robert Overweg Left 4 dead 2

New_perspectives_3end of the party 2010, Robert Overweg Left 4 dead 2

pan-car 2010, Robert Overweg Left 4 dead 2

stacked pigeons 2010, Robert Overweg Half-Life 2
All images courtesy of TAG, The Hague

Artist statement, New perspectives:

New perspectives is a series in which I make use of the new possibilities the virtual world give me. By going into the ground and documenting what I find looking up into the constructed world. I can float in water without consequence for my camera photographing what I find intriguing, the above world deformed by the movement of the water. Photographing upwards underneath a car positioned just in the right spot makes it so that the sky does not fully render leaving the photograph with pitch black sky. This new perspective results in a abstract and surreal photographs.

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