Selection of interviews:
BBC, GamePRO, Geemag, Shpilman Institute, Eigen Magazine (dutch), NRC Handelsblad (dutch), Newscientist, Gamescenes, Photo digitaal,, Finnish news: 1 million viewers

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Crosslab Willem de Kooning academy, KOP.

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Crazy Photography (Europe) Esquire (Russia) Imager (Taiwan) Picnic (Mexico) Photo digitaal (The Netherlands)

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A selection of publications

Fast Company
Overweg’s photos are awesome and creepy because, like Magritte’s bowler-hatted men and day-lit evening streets, they’re deceptively normal. You could read every kind of meaning into these – they’re a political statement about finding beauty in crossing boundaries; they’re questioning the notion of artistic authorship (Overweg’s photos are unedited screenshots); etc – but we love them because they appear cool.

BBC News
Mr Overweg believes that images he captures remove the sense of gaming from the graphics. Instead they can be interpreted as separate art works revealing new themes to the viewer that may not be related to the ideas initially designed by the game developers.

NRC Handelsblad
“What is real and what is not? The question has been asked before in contemplations about the virtual world but Robert Overweg sheds new light on this question.”

<meta> reporter
/ about new media in the news 29-09-09
“Is Robert Overweg the person who saves us from the hyperreality?

Culture Republic
Robert sees virtual environments as the new public spaces, and aims to document them on his new site, Shot By Robert. In doing so, he asks questions about copyright, popular culture and whether experiences in the visual world which are becoming as much a part of reality as day-to-day life are the property of the copyright holder or the person who actually has the experience.

“Capturing these landscapes always seemed logical to me”