A debate about the virtual world

A debate with:
Jacob Van Kokswijk : academic teacher virtualisation and behaviour Leuven, Belgium
Robert Overweg : Graphic designer and photographer in virtual worlds
David Nieborg : expert in the field of game-culture / technologoy, UVA Utrecht, media and culture
Gerard Cevaal : Director

“Capturing these landscapes always seemed logical to me”

Game Art: Robert William Overweg

I have always been fascinated by the very concept of “game photography”. Since most videogames are a simulation of travel, taking snapshot of digital spaces comes natural to most gamers. Some, however, have elevated this practice to an artform. Robert William Overweg, an art student, sent me a few samples of his promising new project, “The beauty of the virtual world caught in the photographic image”.

The beauty of the virtual world always hides behind the game which is played in it.

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