documenting current spaces 07-09

I have been dwelling and documenting my experiences in the virtual world since 2007. Beneath are some photographs taken in the period ’07-’09. These images have been in several exhibitions

Surviving the forrest (call of juarez: bound in blood) / Going west (call of juarez: bound in blood) 2009

A long time ago (wolfenstein) / Road less traveled (call of juarez: bound in blood) 2009

All of a sudden (call of duty: world at war) / A fish is food (resident evil 5)

Move on (kane and lynch: dead man) / Reflect (kane and lynch: dead man) / Tonight we part (quantum of solace) 2008

Break out (fallout 3) / Summer tree (Far cry 2) 2008

Light one / Light two / Light three (shellshock 2: blood trails) 2008

The shape (godfather 2) / City tree (godfather 2) / Sail away (wheelman) 2008

E / Light city (mirror’s edge) 2008

Elite diner / Gated sun (godfather 2) 2008

Day off (counter-strike: source) / Descend (quantum of solace) / Down (counter-strike: source) 200708