Article: On Photography in Videogames

For Overweg, capturing glitches in worlds that attempt to be picture-perfect facsimiles of reality is a way to expose the fact that, after all, games are inevitably engraved by their makers: “Games are still created by humans. When they forget something due to a human error glitches can appear, thus glitches are the most human aspect of gaming. Also I love it when something gets damaged but becomes more beautiful.” Read More »

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New exhibition in Paris


Galerie Riviere / Faiveley
31st of januari until 15th of march

A show with a lot of my work from the starting period to my most recent work
The artist will be present

More information

Du mardi au samedi, de 11h à 19h et sur RDV.
70 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth 75003

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4 New exhibitions. Amsterdam, Haarlem, Cergy, Seoul

A new exhibition with new work at Anomaly, Amsterdam. Several pieces from Glitches and the end of the virtual world at Locomoco in Haarlem.
Flying and floating will be going to Cergy, France and last but not least a new exhibition in Seoul, South-Korea.

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Installation shots, exhibition South Korea.

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Exhibition in Seoul

Gallery 101 will be showing four new pieces not yet shown to the public and will also exhibit the series The end of the virtual world.

Gallery 101

Jangmun-ro 36(Dongbinggo-dong 309-3), Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea, 140-817, TEL.+82 2 797 3093


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Publication: Crazy photography

My work is published in the book: Crazy photography.
Buy it here The photo’s are from the series Flying and floating  Which have also been published in the Russian Esquire

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Seoul museum of art installation shot

Seoul museum of art, international media art biennial. Installation shot, The end of the virtual world. – Robert Overweg

I was invited to exhibit at the Seoul museum of art at the international media art biennial. 6 pieces from the series The end of the virtual world were flown in from the Netherlands. Size 144 cm by 82 cm. These photographs are taken in 4 different computer games all part of our popular culture.

During my stay in Seoul, I got to mingle with the locals, meet new inspiring artists, and curators from all over the world. I gave three lectures, on one art academy and two universities. I was honored to speak at one of the most prestigious universities of the city: Yonsei University. A campus as large as a little village in the Netherlands.

My work got picked up by the Korean Broadcasting Station for whom I did an interview about my work. A station one can compare to the British BBC. Where I once did a radio interview for. Leaving Seoul with lots of good memories and a little bit of a headache from all of the parties. When I got home to Amsterdam I received a e-mail from a gallery asking to represent me in Seoul. More info on that soon.

Thanks for having me Seoul, I had a wonderful time. What a diverse, vibrant city and kind people.

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