the end of the virtual world

The end of the virtual world

In his serie The end of the virtual world Robert Overweg shows us a remarkable series of photographs which he took in four different computer games. They show us the end of the virtual world in a way which is sometimes presented to us to determine the border of the game or level. All photographs have the same vanishing point, straight in the center of the image, almost in a classical manner, as we have learnt in elementary school which told us what perspective is, with two lines going into one point on the horizon in between which you draw a railway track. This may be the case here but there is more going on: the air is cloudy, the light is dramatic, the corners are sharp, the horizon is invisible. We stand at the edge of a a abyss or in front of the beginning of a black tunnel. This does not mean that these worlds have a dreamy feel to them maybe this is because of the moment and the way this landscape is sculpted. A road which has been cut off, a field of grass which suddenly stops or a railway which abruptly disappears into nothing; something which wouldnt happen in daily reality or is not visible. Because these images are artificial and behold a high aesthetic value, they are able to breathe; the drama is somewhat toned down.

By John De Weerd

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