imagine architecture


I am published in the book Imagine architecture by gestalten.

Robert Overweg is a photographer who captures the virtual worlds of computer combat games. The artist sees the virtual world as the new public space of contemporary society focused on spending time in virtual worlds. Overweg’s latest series, Flying and Floating documents the virtual world by foot or by air. By photographing the virtual world, Overweg is able to create photographs that would not be possible in the natural world, but he also documents the limitations of the virtual world. According to Overweg’s artist statement, by “continuing to photograph in the virtual world I am trying to find new ways to photograph in and through this world. Trying to achieve the image where a photo becomes more than the game.” Thus Overweg proceeds to the outskirts of the virtual world, which he dissects through his photography. In doing so, he draws our attention to environments that are often overlooked and yet, at the same time, appear eerily familiar. He further remarks that games, like many other art forms, demonstrate the limits of our imaginations because our tendency is to reproduce “what we already know”. With the photographs at hand, originating from the game Mafia 2, a simulation of the 1945-1950’s New York-Chicago-like mobster underworld, Overweg searches for places which offer a new vision of the city